Monash awarded $5m grant to manufacture Australia’s first COVID-19 vaccine candidate


The Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) has received $5 million from the Victorian Government to manufacture doses of Australia’s first COVID-19 vaccine candidate for clinical trials.

Professor Colin Pouton, the lead researcher behind the mRNA-based vaccine candidate, said the grant will enable the MIPS team to work with a Melbourne-based manufacturing company to prepare their product for Phase 1 clinical trials, set to commence later in the year.

“This grant will enable us to produce our second generation COVID-19 vaccine in preparation for Phase 1 clinical trials, which will be conducted through our partnership with the Doherty Institute,” Mr Pouton said.

The investment – which was endorsed by mRNA Victoria’s newly established Scientific Advisory Group – is the first to be made from the Victorian Government’s landmark $50 million fund to develop the state’s mRNA manufacturing capability.

Victorian Minister for Innovation and Medical Research Jaala Pulford said the MIPS vaccine had previously received $3 million from the Medical Research Future Fund to cover the costs of the Phase 1 clinical trial.

“We’re serious about developing our mRNA manufacturing capacity and doing it quickly as we can, because it will save lives,” she concluded.

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