Pure Hydrogen set to launch Australia’s first hydrogen fuel cell truck

Aerial drone footage of the hydrogen-powered 'Taurus' truck. Image credit: Pure Hydrogen

Pure Hydrogen Corporation announced that ‘Taurus,’ Australia’s first Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prime Mover, will be unveiled at the Brisbane Truck Show on 18 May 2023, followed by commercial testing with PepsiCo Australia.

The Australian clean energy firm said the Taurus vehicle is the result of a co-development initiative led by Pure Hydrogen with cooperation from global food and beverage giant PepsiCo under an agreement inked in September 2022.

The 220-kilowatt 6×4 prime mover is Australian-designed and has state-of-the-art features including a low-voltage power storage system and luxurious cabin interiors.

The ASX-listed company said future designs will include prime movers that can handle B-Double loads of up to 70 tonnes.

Pure Hydrogen has exclusive rights to the truck design in Australia and said there is potential for multi-vehicle orders following the completion of the trial period.

The firm also stated that it is working on Australia’s first Hydrogen Powered Garbage Truck, which will be trialled by JJ Waste and Recycling and is expected to be delivered by the end of this quarter.

The Brisbane Truck Show marks the next step in Pure Hydrogen’s go-to-market commercialisation strategy, allowing the company to demonstrate the use-case for hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles such as prime movers, garbage trucks, and cement mixers to relevant industry participants and potential customers, according to Pure Hydrogen.

Scott Brown, managing director of Pure Hydrogen, pointed out that the truck display is the latest phase in Australia’s bigger growth strategy for hydrogen-powered vehicles.

“With the first roll-out of the Taurus now complete, we look forward to presenting in Brisbane and pursuing commercial discussions with potential customers.”

He went on to say that interest from other parties has been “most encouraging.”

“A key part of our strategy is to provide hydrogen solutions to potential customers by bringing the devices and the energy needed to power them,” Brown added.

During the event, representatives from Pure Hydrogen will be present for sales discussions with potential customers.

The truck show demonstration will mark the commencement of the formal trial period of the Taurus prime mover, the company revealed.