Skardon River Bauxite Project receives Final Environmental Approval

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Metro Mining has received a Final Environmental Approval for the Skardron River Bauxite Project owned by the company’s 99.8% controlled subsidiary Gulf Alumina.

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The Skardon River Bauxite Project is located on Cape York Peninsula, approximately 90 kilometres north of Weipa, in the Parish of Skardon within the Cook Shire.

The project, whose operational life is expected to be 10 years, would require approximately 100 employees during construction and 160 employees during operation.

Metro said the approval wraps up the extensive and detailed environmental assessment and community consultation process that commenced in 2013, allowing for the commencement of construction and operational phases of the Project.

“Metro is in the process of aligning the approved Skardon River Project with its adjoining Bauxite Hills Project,” the company told the ASX.

“This includes combining mining activities and transhipping infrastructure, significantly reducing the environmental impacts of both projects and optimising social, environmental and economic returns for both projects.”

Metro took control of Gulf, an Australian based bauxite producer, earlier this week and is now in the process of compulsory acquiring the remaining shareholding.