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Toyota reveals affordable and super-efficient hybrid

March 14, 2012 • Events, World NewsComments (0)

On a mission to achieve the best possible fuel economy and emissions, the design team at Toyota focused on five key areas: reducing weight, driving resistance (including aerodynamic and tyre performance), powertrain efficiency, thermal energy management, and electricity savings. Currently on its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show, The new Toyota FT-Bh,

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RBA: Mining Boom to Last 10 Years

March 5, 2012 • Mining & Resources, World NewsComments (0)

Reserve Bank of Australia board member John Edwards today said the country’s mining boom will burn bright for the next 10 years, then slow to more average rates of growth. In a note written for the Lowy Institute, a foreign affairs think tank, he said

World Manufacturing – All the latest news

February 28, 2012 • World NewsComments (0)

China China focuses on clean energy China Daily USA  reported that the China Council of International Cooperation on Environment and Development expects that by 2015 China may spend an estimated 5.77 trillion yuan ($909 billion) to improve clean energy

“Faceless men have publicly attacked my integrity” Kevin Rudd resigns

February 22, 2012 • News, World NewsComments (0)

Leaked Video In a shock statement, Kevin Rudd has resigned as the Foreign Minister of Australia. Following the recent release of a leaked video (below) where Mr Rudd candidly expresses his frustration with an interpreter, the former Foreign Minister said

UK turns to Australian Manufacturing

February 20, 2012 • Featured, World NewsComments (0)

Australia is set to expand its advanced manufacturing capability as BAE Systems establishes the nation’s largest aerospace component manufacturing and processing facilities in Adelaide. From its new facility in South Australia, the UK-based defence and

Future Toyota Hybrids at Geneva

February 15, 2012 • UncategorizedComments (0)

The Geneva Motor Show will display the future showroom and concept models that Toyota is producing in it’s Australian-wide rejuvenation. Marking the world debut of the FT-Bh concept – a “total vehicle” approach to reducing emissions in an affordable

World Manufacturing – Weekly Round Up

February 14, 2012 • World NewsComments (0)

China Daily reported that China’s manufacturing output accounted for $2.05 trillion in early 2011, compared to US manufacturing which totalled $1.79 trillion. A close margin, still carried on from 2010, where China’s manufacturing output was a