Fastbrick Robotics’ enhanced Hadrian 105 technology demonstrates automated end-to end construction


Fastbrick Robotics has successfully upgraded and completed validation testing of its automated brick laying technology demonstrator, the Hadrian 105.

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The company said the upgraded Hadrian 105 has demonstrated uninterrupted construction of multi-course, computer generated brick structures during the validation testing carried out earlier this month, using end-to-end automated handling and delivery of bricks, a full mobile and adjusting telescopic boom, and a laser guided laying robot displaying accurate correction for dynamic interference.

The upgrades to the Hardian 105 include the integration of the brick alignment system and software upgrades to allow for the reliable robotic de-hacking of bricks from pallets, as well as the integration of a newly designed electric transfer root to allow for improved automated handling and placement of bricks onto the boom delivery conveyor.

The Hardian 105 also underwent software modifications to enhance the ability of the machine to handle varying sizes of bricks, different brick types, and the real world variances in prick products.

Further upgrades to the Hardian 105 include:

  • Installation of new servo electric brick gripping system with force feedback to allow for accurate brick placement and dynamic pressure control;
  • Installation of computer vision system to assess brick quality and dimensions for automated adjustment by the bricklaying arm;
  • Installation of a remote brick processing monitoring system which utilises multiple remote video cameras to provide visual checks of distant components to allow for single person operation the machine;
  • Integration of the fully operational 6 axis laser guidance system to allow bricklaying arm to boom to automatically reference the machine position relative to surveyed slab, and compensate for boom sway or movement caused by any dynamic or environmental factors;
  • Integration of primary boom motion system and brick laying system to allow for synchronized robot motion and to optimally position the machine for each brick in the structure;
  • The manufacture and installation of a new adhesive/mortar application system;
  • Full electric servo control of the machine for optimum speed and movement of components during bricklaying operations; and
  • Upgrade and testing of the refrigerated, liquid cooled, servo motor and electronics cooling system for hot weather operation.

The company’s Managing Director Mike Pivac said at the completion of the current testing program, Fastbrick will commence a full-scale demonstration showing the construction of a room structure including door and window openings.

“The company is extremely excited to announce the completion of upgrades to the company’s Hadrian 105 Technology Demonstrator,” Mr Pivac said.

“This marks the most significant milestone in the company’s history and follows more than seven years and over $7 million or research and development effort. We now look forward to demonstrating the full capability of our patented automated bricklaying technology through the construction of a full-scale room structure at our headquarters in Western Australia.”