Hong Kong tech company CVX Semiconductor to set up shop in Adelaide

Image credit: www.sa.gov.au

Hong Kong tech firm CVX Semiconductor will set up a semiconductor engineering and research capability in Adelaide, including a reliability-testing laboratory, having been awarded a place in the South Australian Landing Pad (SALP) program.

The company, which is a joint venture between Hong Kong’s VX-Power and Canaan Semiconductor, specialises in next generation power electronic devices and circuits.

Minister for Trade and Investment David Ridgway said CVX plans to expand its operations and begin manufacturing wide-band gap devices that are used in products such as electric vehicle charging stations and wireless phone chargers.

“The Adelaide facility will mean IP is being developed, commercialised, manufactured and exported from Adelaide. It will also operate as a research and development centre for high-powered devices and circuits for VX-Power based in Hong Kong,” Mr Ridgway said.

“It brings huge potential for more local production of devices right here on our doorstep in South Australia.

“South Australia has a deep automotive and defence manufacturing history – a strong base for new and existing manufacturers to pivot into advanced industries including automation, defence, photonics and frontier materials.”

Dr Ted Kok, CTO of CVX said the company will grow its initial employee base to approximately six, with plans to expand this number to around 50 over the next five years as it gradually develops its key testing and manufacturing activities.

“Adelaide is also one of the largest manufacturing bases for Li-ion battery cells, and solar panels, which together with our wide bandgap semiconductor devices/circuits, will be the three musketeers of the future clean energy industry,” Dr Kok continued.

“Adelaide’s carefully planned hi-tech precincts such as Lot Fourteen and Tonsley, have gathered together an exciting group of potential customers and collaborators.

“We’re delighted to already be working on various R&D projects and post-graduate students’ work which will train new streams of workers and support the innovation of next-generation products from South Australia.”

Image credit: www.sa.gov.au